• Electrical, plumbing, lighting, machine parts etc.

  • Deliveries today to keep your customers happy with minimal expense for your company.


  • Deliveries of meds to customers, nursing homes or other branches.

Airport pickup or delivery

  • JML will pickup and/or deliver "counter to counter" items at regional airports and work directly with the airlines. Certified TSA Indirect Air Carrier (IAC).

Computer printer supplies

  • Delivery of toner cartridges and other supplies to your customers without tying up a tech, office staff or vehicle.

Optical and dental labs

  • Delivery of these products to your customers or other offices in your organization

Sub contractors

  • Pickup and delivery of work or products, same day or scheduled delivery, to your customer without the cost of a vehicle or driver


  • Payroll processors

  • Law Offices

  • Banking and financial institutions

  • Other time-critical documents

  • Bonded and insured

Luggage services

  • Delivery of delayed luggage to customers hotel, home or business with same day service


  • Movement of work in process goods to and from outside suppliers, i.e., heat treating, plating, assembly work, etc.

  • Save on the cost of having a company truck, insurance and driver on payroll. JML Courier will transport the goods for you.

JML Courier Service provides multiple services to fit your business needs. 

Same Day Courier Services

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