*Based on pick-up point

Same Day Pricing

1 - 10 miles local - $20.00

11 miles and up - please call for pricing

*$15 surcharge for deliveries to downtown Providence

*Prices are subject to change

After speaking with many of our customers, they have told us that one of their happier days was when the got rid of their company truck and hired a courier service.

Here are examples of how costs are incurred by your company for a vehicle.

  • Capital cost for purchase

  • Insurance

  • Title and tags

  • Fuel & maintenance

  • Many of these go on 24/7 whether it is used or not

Here are the costs of your driver

The Actual Expense of a Company Vehicle

Services llc.

Same Day Courier Services

  • Salary or hourly wage

  • Overhead, vacation days, sick days, health insurance, etc.

  • Time away from other duties if you use a staff employee

  • Loss of productivity

With our timely pick-up and delivery, you pay for only the time that you use our service and doesn't tie up your employees